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I am a 22-year old college graduate looking for a job in sports writing/media who can't get enough of writing about his favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings.

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Coleman Dieger
Sunday 28th December 2008, 12:48pm
I liked what you have wrote here. I agree with the reasoning of why you didn't dwell on it. However, I think until the Purple give a reason not to be nervous with winning the games they are supposed to win, my blood pressure will go up in most games, regardless of the opponent. I think it is painfully obvious that somehow the Vikes have a hard time getting up to play more times than not lately. That is disappointing with keeping in mind how much money these guys are making! Matching or exceeding that other teams intensity has been a definite challenge. I will wear my purple attire regardless of wins or losses, but also won't give the Purple a pass or easy ride. I know it's always more healthy to be on the positive side, but important to be in reality as well. Awesome input from you as always!

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Moving Day posted on 03/11/2009


I just wanted to post a little note saying that I will no longer be blogging on this site in the future.  I want to thank the host of this blogosphere for letting me postulate about the Vikings during the 2008 season, and I'm definitely not leaving this blogosphere because I feel uncomfortable posting or anything like that.  Basically, I just want my blog to get a little more exposure in the NFL community.

I also want to say thanks to Mr. Coleman Dieger for taking an active interest in my posts (especially about Tarvaris Jackson and Brad Childress!).  It was fun chatting with you.

For anyone who may have an interest, my new Vikings blog will now be located at:

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Super Bowl Prediction: Steelers 23, Cardinals 17 posted on 02/01/2009

Lombardi Trophy

Despite the fact that I would kind of like to see the Arizona Cardinals pull off an upset victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, I think that the Yellow and Black will prevail in this one.  The way I see it, the Cardinals are good enough to score two TDs, but not more than one field goal.  The Steelers, on the other hand, will also get two TD scores against an Arizona defense that really isn't that great (unless they can force turnovers, which the Steelers don't give up), plus kick a few more field goals to pull out the win.

Have fun watching!

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My Favorite Super Bowl posted on 01/28/2009

Titans Rams

The first year I ever watched a Super Bowl was after the 1996 season, when the Green Bay Packers (whom I, ironically, as a Vikings fan, was rooting for) beat the New England Patriots thanks in large part to a kickoff return by Desmond Howard for a touchdown to open the second half (if my memory serves me right).

Since then, I have witnessed a number of exciting Super Bowl moments, including John Elway's Broncos going out on top ('98), Tampa Bay's defense destroying Rich Gannon's Oakland Raiders' offense ('00), the Miracle Patriots ('01), and last years' huge upset (Giants over Pats).

However, the Super Bowl following the 1999 season will (likely) be forever etched in my mind as the greatest NFL title game I have ever seen.  For starters, the St. Louis Rams had knocked off "my" Vikings in the Divisional Round, so I really wanted them to get beat.  Adding on to that, I was also a pretty big Titans fan at the time (I loved Steve McNair and Eddie could you not?!), and thus was energized by their miraculous (if not altogether legal, had instant replay been in effect back then) last-second lateral against Buffalo now know as the "Music City Miracle".

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The Third Season posted on 01/27/2009


Being a fan of the NFL, by all accounts right now I should be doing nothing but preparing for the "holiest" of all days...Super Bowl Sunday.  Now don't get me wrong, I will watch the game on Sunday and enjoy it, but I really don't get into all the hype that precedes it.  In fact, I really dislike the fact that two weeks must commence between the AFC/NFC Championships and the overall title game (although I DO like the fact that it gives the players a chance to rest up in order to give their best performances).  However, at about this time every year, I start to become hooked by another sport...bowling.  I'm usually just a baseball (Twins) and football (Vikings) guy (I haven't watched an entire basketball or hockey game in years), so that February-March void needs to be filled with something (and Spring Training doesn't quite cut it).  Thus, I turn my attention to bowling.  Whether it be lacing up the flattened shoes at the actual alley or watching the pros break a sweat over every ball, I love what the sport of bowling represents: the idea that a task (knock down ten pins) that looks so easy can be so frustrating.

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Issue #2: The Quarterback posted on 01/22/2009

Jackson Run

About a week ago, I blogged about what I thought was the biggest question mark for the 2009 Minnesota Vikings...Head Coach Brad Childress.  In this post, I would like to examine the quarterback position, which will also come under deep scrutiny as the season plays out.

From what I have gathered during the 2008 season, there are two "camps" on the issue of Tarvaris Jackson as our starting QB: either you think he is still maturing and could become a good player, or you don't think he'll ever develop into a serviceable starter.  Personally, I find myself in the first camp.  I will admit that Jackson stunk in his rookie season of 2007 and even stunk as the anointed starter early in 2008 (before he was benched for Gus Frerotte), but the last few games of '08 he looked like a completely different QB.  His passes were on-target, he wasn't making boneheaded decisions, and he was scrambling not for his life, but in order to deliver big gains.  One or two games into his replacement of the injured Frerotte, I remarked that I hadn't been this excited about the Vikings' offense since Daunte Culpepper was heaving the rock to Randy Moss.  Of course, Tarvaris did stink in the playoff game against the Eagles, but one must remember that the Philly defense is perhaps the toughest in the NFC.  After the Vikes, the Giants couldn't do anything against them and only the Kurt Warner-Larry Fitzgerald combination could post any points (and that was only for about one half!).

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